1. Drink Water

As you may know… water is the savior for everything. Not only does it keep your nails, hair, and skin looking perfect. It also prevents you from getting sick and helps fight off diseases.  Believe it or not drinking water can protect you from various cancers and can improve your mood!

2.  Exercise 

I know it might suck while you are actually working out, but once you see the results it will be worth it. You don't always have to go full on cardio for your workout. Calming classes like Yoga and Pilates make you feel relaxed while actually working your body. The best part about working out is that feeling I get when I am finished. It is a kind of joy that I can only describe as pride in myself. 

3.  Let Your Face Breathe

I say this over and over again every single day. Wearing makeup all day every day can have bad repercussions on your skin. Not wearing makeup one day a week can really help your skin in the long run. It gives your pores a chance to breathe and not be weighed down by makeup. Also make sure you get every bit of your makeup off before bed. Going to bed with makeup on can get oils deep in your pores that can make you break out. 

4. Cut Out Caffeine

I know it is going to be hard, but do it. I gave up caffeine for lent last year and now I don't drink it at all. Drinking caffeine can make you experience energy highs and lows. If you start this week and cut it out completely you will start to get used to living without it. Bye Bye Caffeine! 

5. Get Some Sleep

People ask me all the time how I am so energetic and I answer “I get a good nights rest”. My dad always tells me that a good nights rest can heal practically everything. Now we know that is not the whole truth, but it can help your life in many ways. Start by putting your phone away 30 minutes before you actually get in bed. I put my phone downstairs every night so I am not tempted to look at it. After I make sure I have laid out all of my plans for the next day, I say goodnight to my phone! Do not drink sugar drinks before you go to bed. Drinking sugar drinks before bed can keep your body up trying to break down all the sugar that just came into your body. I also keep a notepad by my bed. You all know when you wake up and realize you need to do something. Just write it down so you will not be worried about remembering it all night.  Overall, getting a good night of sleep can make you feel so good!