I am not a huge fan of makeup but every once in a while I might pull some out. I mostly wear makeup if I am going out at night. This has been my main makeup look for summer nights. It is very natural (which it how I like it) but has a slight pop of color. 

I start off by washing my face and putting on moisturizer. I use my Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser and Clean and Clear Moisturizer.  

Then I fill in my eyebrows. I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil - Soft Brown.

After that I put on Too Faced bronzer, and a dab of Revlon Lip Stain - 035 as blush. Your blush will wear off over the night but this stain will stay so you will always have a little pink. I always put a little more blush over the revlon. I use Bobbi Brown - Desert Rose

Then I start on my eyes. First, I prime them. I usually use concealer instead of primer because it works just as well. Then I take my eyeshadow, Bobbi Brown - Nude Beach (or Ballet Pink) and spread it on my eyelid.

Lastly I touch up my beach wave hair and I am good to go!